NLP Practitioner Training Free Sample

What is NLP and what are the benefits?

1. Introduction

This section is the overview of how the different things in our mind impact our state of emotions, mindset, and behavior. The rest of the NLP training will be built off of this framework for human behavior.

2. Reticular Activating System (RAS)

Out of the 2,000,000 bits of information that bombard your senses every second, you only consciously take in 150 of those bits (0.000075%). When you shift your awareness from the things you don't want to the things you do want, you train your brain to automatically spot more of those things in your life.

3. Change the meaning of the things that happen to you.

4. Breaking Free of a Limited Mindset - Delete, Distort, Generalize

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5. Internal Representation

The internal representation is a series of pictures, sounds, and feelings in your mind/body that make up the encoding of memories in your unconscious mind. When you learn how to change the internal representation in your mind, you create an instant change in thoughts or behavior.

6. Shifting Submodalities

7. Submodalities - Mapping Across

Update 8/28/2016 - In the Submodalities - Mapping Across section of the course, I recorded a more detailed explanation and training on the topic, with an up-to-date worksheet.

8. State

Update 8/28/2016 - On the homepage of this course, I updated the anchoring/state elicitation section of the course in more detail.

9. Physiology


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